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Important Notice to Players Taking Calgary Transit Access

09/08/2016, 4:45pm MDT
By Mike

Calgary Transit Access has recently implemented a new, computerized booking system, this is potentially bad news for players taking buses to and from games. Unlike before, exact pick-up/drop-off windows cannot be guaranteed. Because a computer is now generating all trips based on availability, rather than requested times or convenience, you may receive a pick-up or drop-off time that is radically different from what was requested. For example, I usually request a 2:15 drop-off for the early game. Under the new system you could potentially be dropped off anywhere between 1:45 and 2:45 - possibly missing the start of your game. The same goes for the return trips, you could potentially be given a bus time before your game is over. I don't want to ask for earlier drop-offs and later returns because in that case, players could potentially be dropped off an hour before their game and picked up an hour after their game ends which is less than ideal to say the least, especially as some players are spending an extended time waiting for and riding buses already.

I've been in contact with Customer Service at Calgary Transit Access and unfortunately, they aren't able to offer any real assistance or solution. Their suggestion is to get in the habit of checking your bus bookings during the week and if you have received a time that gets you to Vivo way too early or after your game is scheduled to start, or a return before your game's scheduled end time or way too late - cancel that booking and request another one for the time you wish. The computer might generate a better time, it might not. The cut-off time to re-book a trip is 1:00 on Friday.

The CPHL will continue to book the initial trips to and from hockey each Saturday but it is entirely the player, parent, guardian or caregiver's responsibility to check their bookings earlier in the week and make changes if need be.

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