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The Calgary PowerHockey League Board of Directors meets several times during the season. All meetings are open and all committed individuals are invited to join the Board to help steer the league under the guidelines of the league's mission statement & philosophy.

Next Calgary PowerHockey League Board of Directors Meeting: Fall 2024

Kevin Lawson

League President

Operations Chairperson


Chase Petruska

League Vice President

Tracy Petruska


Sharon Blackwell


Kent Barrett

Director at Large

Jeff Barrett

Director at Large

CPHL Liaison with Other Leagues

Steve Gratton

Director at Large

Ishan Manerikar

Director at Large

Jacob McGregor

Director at Large

CPHL Operations Committee

Committee members:

Kevin Lawson - chairperson
Kent Barrett
Devon Briceland
Ishan Manerikar
Pradeep Manerikar
Jacob McGregor
Parker Petruska

The Operations committee deals with anything 'hockey related'. If you have questions for committee or want to join, e-mail

Non Board Member Position

Mike Jorgensen
League Statistician