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Casino Volunteers Needed for December

09/13/2014, 11:15am MDT
By Mike
We're looking for volunteers for the CPHL casino. It takes place Dec 13 & Dec 14 and we will need a total of about 40 shifts to be filled.

The CPHL board has determined that each CPHL player is required to provide one volunteer and each Selects player that participated in July's tournament is required to provide 2 volunteers as the majority of the money collected goes towards the tournaments that they attend. CPHL also needs casino money to cover gym rental, new jerseys, referee payment, equipment etc. Player registration fees do not cover all expenses so funds generated from casinos help keep registration costs reasonable.

Please make sure you forward this message to relatives, friends, care givers who you think may want to help or to those who will be acting as your casino volunteer if you cannot attend yourself. We need lots of volunteers.

Date:Saturday, Dec 13, 2014 and Sunday, December 14, 2014

Location: Casino Calgary
1420 Meridian Road NE
Calgary, Alberta
T2A 2N9


Shifts:11:00AM – 7:00PM
6:30PM – close (approx. 2AM)

10:00PM – approx. 2:30AM (count room only)

GENERAL MANAGER – 2 volunteers

BANKER: 4 volunteers

CASHIER: 8 volunteers

CHIP RUNNER: 8 volunteers

COUNT ROOM: 14 volunteers

ON CALL (if someone cannot do their shift at the last minute Lana will contact these people and ask them to come in to the casino)

Please email or call Lana Barrett at: or 403.255.5442 and let her know which shifts & positions you would like to fill. If someone is working for you they can either email/ phone her directly or you can provide her with their contact details. She will try and accommodate your requests but the first people who respond will have priority in choosing their position and shift(s).

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