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Thanks Volunteers

12/30/2014, 12:30pm MST
By Mike

We would like to thank the following CPHL players, coaches, family and friends who volunteered for the December 2014 casino.  This is a very important fundraising activity for CPHL and we could not have done it without you!  Our next casino will be sometime in the July/August/September quarter of 2016.

 Jeff Barrett
Kent Barrett
Lana Barrett
Ron Bons Sr.
Ray Bourbonnais
Aileen Carney-Brown
James Chu
Marilyn Chalmers
Mario Colangelo
Kathy Ervin
Gary Eveleigh
Mark Flores     
Cheryl Fridfinnson 
David Grossklaus 
Lorna Grossklaus
Gregg Hamilton
Marion Landy
Bill Langen              
Judy Langen
Bonnie Langridge
Wes Lavenure
Marc LeBoeuf
Pradeep Manerikar
Glenn Margetts 
Mary Margetts
Tania McPhee            
Carla Neary
Shawn Pahl
Sue Schaepsmeyer            
Ben Thorne              
Meagan Thorne 
Rhonda Thorne  
Glenn Woodford

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